Picea abies 

Three research sites are included in this project: Northern Sweden, Germany and Italy.

1) Description of study sites

  • German study sites are located in the Bavarian Forest National Park
  • We selected two sites located in old growth forest and marked 100 adult trees and 150 saplings (500 individuals in total).
  • Sites are located at 730 m and 1290 m a.s.l. 
  • Coordinates of sampling sites (WGS84/UTM)
    • 33 U 374794 5438257, 730 m
    • 33 U 370613 5439926, 1290 m
  • At each site, two data loggers were installed that record temperature and humidity at 15 min intervals.
  • Long term weather data comes from several local weather stations. Additionally, data for our plots was obtained from a statistical model which predicts the temperature, humidity, precipitation and global radiation for each sampling site, using independent variables extracted from results of geostatistical modelling with the digital terrain model ArcEGMO.

2) Genotyping methods:

  1. 3072 SNPs on Infinium Platform (commissioned in September 2013 at Austrian Institute for technology, due to difficulties with the platform and the institute that should perform the genotying, we do not yet have any data, nor could they provide a time frame). Currently, 20 adult trees and 20 saplings from high and low elevations from Italy (n = 80), Germany (n = 80) and Sweden (only sapling n= 40, adults already genotyped) will be genotyped.
  2. The 80 individuals from the plots in the Bavarian Forest National Park will also be analyzed with eight EST SSRs and nine isozymes (in collaboration with the ASP/Dr. Monika Konnert).
  3. RNAseq: ten transcriptomes (five from individuals from high and five from low elevations) have been sequenced and are currently being analyzed

2) Phenotypic traits

  • We obtained/will obtain the following data:
  1. Bud burst (done in 2014, planned for 2015)
  2. Dendroecological analysis (cores are currently being analyzed with our partners at the WSL, Birmensdorf, Switzerland)
  3. LMA (planned for 2015)
  4. in adult trees: dbh
  5. in saplings: height, age, survival rate
  6. in the Botanical Garden in Marburg we currently monitor bud set in order to develop a protocol for phenotyping in our sites
  7. tiptree sampling